Roger Publishing House (in Danish: Forlaget Roger) was established in 1999.

We primarily publish biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, poetry and books with historical themes - written in Danish or translated into Danish from English.

The titles include biographies about a diverse range of personalities such as statesman Winston Churchill, Formula 1 Champion Michael Schumacher, American war hero, General Anthony "Nuts!" McAuliffe, and Madison Avenue adman, Rosser Reeves.
The books on McAuliffe and Reeves are the only books in the world devoted entirely to the lives of these two American icons. Originally written in Danish, both books have now been translated and released in English, and McAuliffe also in French.

Among our latest titles, bought from international publishers and translated into Danish, are "Broken Music", the memoir of the musician Sting, and the American Best-seller biography by Robert Dallek: "An Unfinished Life - John F. Kennedy."

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